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Hi There!

My name is Tamara Lance and I am a very creative person. It is difficult to know what to say when people ask me what I do. So I decided to create this central website as a way of explaining that to anyone who is interested.  

About Me

I have been drawing since the day I could hold a crayon and have spent my life obsessed with everything creative from photography to art to jewelry design. If it involves creativity, I am always game. I grew up around art and drawing and painting were always encouraged. Eventually my creativity grew with my love of computers and I now have almost two decades of experience with Photoshop and a decade of experience with Illustrator. 

I get my inspiration from movies, music, people, my son, and my travels. My mind is always churning with a new idea for jewelry, art, or what have you. When it comes to photography I think of it like a hunt of sorts. And when I get home or even in the car I can not wait to see what I captured.  


I live in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, with my best friend - my husband, my super creative son and our crazy dogs. When I am not working on my next big idea I enjoy hiking, camping, going for long random drives, and watching entirely too much television. 

I'm always happy to hear from new people, so if you want to drop me a note, please do so!


  • Feature Poet at Monday Night Blues in Charleston, SC

  • Photography Showing at 52.5 Records, Charleston, SC

  • Art Showing at Monday Night Blues, Charleston, SC

  • Open Mic Poetry Host at The Upper Deck, Charleston, SC

  • Winner of Best Surface Pattern Design Challenge on Skillshare

  • 24/7 Feature in Skirt Magazine, Charleston, SC

  • Art Showing at the Cigar Factory, Charleston, SC

  • Jewelry Feature, GreenCraft Magazine

  • Jewelry Feature, Jewelry Affaire Magazine

  • Multiple Found Features on RedBubble

  • Front Page Feature on RedBubble

  • Artist of the Day on Threadless

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